Which is the best Solar Inverter for my Solar PV system?

One of the most important things to consider before installing a Solar PV system is selecting the right type of solar inverter. Inverters convert direct current (DC) energy generated by your solar system into usable alternating current (AC) energy. The Inverter is one of the most essential elements of a solar PV system as it determines the amount of energy to be sent to the property on which it is installed. Also, an inverter can easily detect a problem on your system if any, and increases the efficiency of your system.

What are the different types of inverters?

There are mainly three different types of inverters available for solar energy systems

  1. String Inverters

A string inverter is a central inverter with inputs for “strings” of panels to be run into a single unit. Panels are wired together in series, and the end of the chain plugs into the inverter. Note though, if one panel is obstructed with shading, all the other panels in the string will be affected too, and the efficiency will drop

String inverters are ideal for both residential and commercial purposes as long as they have full exposure to the sun (no obstruction), and are by far the most affordable option

  1. Micro inverters

A micro-inverter is an inverter that pairs with a single solar panel to manage the DC-to-AC power inversion for that individual panel. The conversion of the DC current to AC takes place in each inverter connected to each panel. Each panel can function independently to produce electricity therefore shading on one panel will not affect the efficiency of the rest of the panels.

  1. Power Optimizers

Like micro inverters, power optimizers are devices located at each panel. However, instead of converting the DC electricity to AC electricity at the panel site, they send it to a string inverter

Power optimizers give you the option to track the production from each single panel allowing you detect under performance and shading issues per panel

Choosing the right Inverter for your solar PV system comes down to your project requirements. At Munig Engineering, we can help you select an inverter that matches your requirements.