MUNIG Engineering Solutions Ltd

MUNIG Engineering Solutions Ltd is a private Ugandan registered company incorporated in August 2013, dealing in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Generators, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Raised Floor, Access Control, Fire Alarm Systems, Structured Cabling and Computer Networking, solar energy systems, Power Protection Systems, Power Backup Systems in Uganda and East African countries.

Highly Professional & Qualified Staff


Accurate Processes Testing Guarantee

Munig Engineering solutions has proved to be among the best and competent engineering companies in Uganda because of our reliability and consistency in the provision of high-quality products and services at affordable prices and the willingness to serve our customers with utmost diligence. We are found and still operate on a strong foundation, unique style and total passion of connecting engineering solutions to the people.

Our Vision

To be the leading mechanical and electrical engineering service provider with technical efficiency for commercial, industrial and domestic clientele.

Our Mission

To transform the community and environment through innovative and sustainable engineering solutions.

Our Core Values

♦ Excellent customer relationship beyond the contract
♦ Professionalism
♦ Creative and Innovative solutions
♦ Teamwork
♦ Integrity
♦ Environmental conservation


Is to be creative and facilitate competent, safe and quality services to both our clients and the society at competitive prices and taking the best care of our clients’ needs and within time.

To be a creative and competent engineering company that provides safe and quality services to clients at competitive prices and timely execution of clients’ needs.

Beyond the contract relationship

In today’s uncertain world, not even the best contract can capture what will change tomorrow. A contract can only convert to business advantage through a value centric relationship.
Employees First
A Management model that empowers employees in the ‘Value Zone’ Management at MUNIG realized that they can’t take care of the clients themselves. A decision was made to empower the employees who in turn take very good care of the clients.
Trust, Transparency & Flexibility
Creating an environment of trust through transparency and flexibility
Value Centricity
Value addition through alignment to business needs. Our belief in the values of trust, transparency, flexibility and value centricity, fueled by our philosophy of ‘Employees First’, ensures the continued pursuit of our customers’ best interests.
Customer Success
We have been working for many private sector companies, governmental organizations and institutions. We can proudly say that we have diligently and brightly earned the respect and trust of these organizations. Ours is a well-motivated and focused team committed to customer excellence. We have the ethical and moral responsibility to honor our client confidentiality.
Customer Service

Our trained customer service staffs are on hand and committed to ensuring that clients’ needs are met as and when they occur.