Structured Cabling & Computer Networking

Our expertise is bent towards a committed approach to a corporate solution provision while observing the highest standards of best business practices. With a committed and experienced consortium of seasoned professionals who have had both local and international project undertakings, we are committed to providing the best in quality. We are a total solution provider in a multi-dimensional corporate existence and we have international affiliates through which we offer our clients an even wider array of quality services and thus adding value to your establishment.


We offer a comprehensive systems service and maintenance for our clients on a regular basis or on-demand, Network engineering, Electrical engineering and Hardware installations such as CCTV, Routers, Servers and software installations. This can be done at the client’s location or in our service center. Our engineers and analysts are continuously trained to keep abreast with the latest advancements in various industries.


At Munig, we believe in delivering quality work, in the shortest time frame possible. During our development, installation and testing process, we put to use the latest state of the art technologies and equipment – to ensure that the customer gets a product that is both back and forward compatible, accessible as well as maintaining excellent integration with the existing systems.

Networks & Security

Establishing a network infrastructure can be a challenging and resource demanding venture, not to mention the biggest challenge of ensuring that the network is up and running securely. At Munig Engineering solutions, we provide networking solutions with our client’s security at heart. We establish systems that are easy for our clients to use, yet stud and robust enough to handle the clients demands and expectation, from LAN, WAN, wireless networks, routers, configuration, email server/client setup, firewall to anti-virus software.