Solar & Back Up Systems

In cases where generators aren’t ideal power backup alternatives, high quality accessory inverters, Ups and solar systems are installed. As a technical company, we bring you peace of mind with a full line of reliable alternative supply products backed by world-class service and support. We specialize in Research, Design, Supply, Installation, Maintenance, Repair& Auditing for electrical power backup systems.

Solar PV installation and maintenance

As we invest our own solar power plants, our clients can be sure that we invest in the right quality of and size of equipment. Our installations start with the evaluation and procurement of the best materials and equipment, and carries through to the installation and inspection, testing and commissioning until the system is ready to be powered on. Our precise work and careful attention to the solar installation process, results in a renewable energy investment capable of solar energy production for long.

Power Backup System Installation

The batteries take care of Load Shifting i,e. Bridging the gap between peak solar hours with peak demand to avoid excessive bills from the utility grid. Our clients can be sure that we invest in the right quality, size and reliable batteries

Power Inverters and charges

We offer a wide range of reliable and efficient power inverter systems

Water heating systems

We offer superior, reliable and efficient heat preservation systems, stainless steel tanks and capture rods. With installations done by our competent team of engineers and technicians, Munig Engineering aims at making sure hot water is available all through the day without incurring additional costs on the electricity bill.

Offsite monitoring systems on power usage

Innovation is one of our core principles. With the offsite monitoring system, we are able to advise our clients on the power usage of their solar system even when not at site. This enables our clients to optimally benefit from our solar.


We can help you to identify the correct sites and materials to concentrate your efforts on. This will avoid unnecessary survey and design costs and maximize the generation potential of your investment. Our teams of specialist consultants have many years of experience in electrical engineering system’s projects for a variety of clients.